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21 April 2012 @ 02:52 pm
Walter, Kristen, Garrett and Sam will appear on Canal+ 20th May  

The Canal + program is announced a meeting with Walter Salles (director of On the Road ), Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund, and Sam Riley, 20 May next, on the channel Canal +, at 11:35 on the TV show 'Rencontre de cinéma'. It will be 20 minutes long.

Translation of the article:
• Out in theaters on May 23rd (In France)

Cult. In 1957, Jack Kerouac changed the world of literature with "On The Road", the cult book of the Beat Generation. Many filmmakers tried to adapt the autobiographical diary of this writer who travelled accros the US by his own means.

Francis Ford Coppola had a tough time but he did not give up: He went to Brazil to find Walter Salles and entrusted the project to him so he could produce it.
After filming the journey of Che Guevara accros Latin America on his motorcycle ("The Motorcycle Diaries" who was apart of the Official Selection in Cannes in 2004), Salles started looking for informations about the book. The cream of the crop of the new generation of actors, including Kristen Stewart who changed register after "Twilight", is playing a young woman in search of freedom. "On The Road is a universal story about child immigrants who don't know how to fit in the Puritan culture of America in the 1950s," the director said.
"It's also the end of the road when the conquest of the west comes to an end, and with it, a part of the American dream. In our time, we can have the feeling that we've already done and saw everything. That there's nothing left to decode..."

Emblematic. "I discovered 'On The Road' when I was a teenager in brazil, under the military dictatorship," the director of 'Central Do Brasil' added. "The novel wasn't translated yet, so I read it in English. The book was passed from hand to hand at University. To this day, it's still an emblematic work for me: the Beat Generation redefined the way people used to live or how they wanted to live." It seemed impossible and yet, Walter Salles won the challenge: This wonderful movie is swept by an irresistible wind of freedom, that may not leave the croisette indifferent.

Sources: source and eurofabulous and @SomeLostBliss

I guess this also means that they're going all going to be present at Cannes Film Festival too :)