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Gustavo Santaolalla talks about working as the music composer

@ 1:56

thanks to @kstewangel.

Translation thanks to mielycanela

" iconic book, that is "On The Road," it's incredible that this project is being made. Because this project, lets say... it's property of Francis Ford Coppola. He bought the wrights of the book like 25 years ago, and there's been innumerable opportunities that it's attempted to carry out, and for one reason or another it's never been done. In fact, we've been trying to make this with Walter [Salles] for four years now, and [the opportunity] finally arise.
I'm very excited. this project is very... it's a challenge. Because every time you work with a well known book, an iconic book, it's already hard to make on a cinematographic level. But in this case in particular, it's also a musical challenge, because all the beats poets have a very important relation with music, and with a particular music style that's the Bebop, and a period of time that was very important in music. In that time, people like John Cage, Harry Partch, and Harry Parker became known. That's something that makes me very excited and that presents me a challenge and I love that."
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